Wetaskiwin Theatre Society

Board of Directors 


President - Dale Unland

Vice President - Eldon Roth

Past President - Greg Pariseau

Secretary/Treasurer - Scott Lorenson

Director - Catlin Hawley

Director - Lisa Hill

Director - George Chrunik

Consider contributing as a Director of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society

When we think of the past 17 years of history of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, our attention is often drawn to the performers we see on the stage.  However, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the commitment and contribution of our member-elected Board of Directors.

The Wetaskiwin Theatre Society's Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the organization and the operation of its facility to ensure long term success and sustainability.

Boards are enriched when members with a variety of backgrounds come together to sit as Board members.  Current board members have expertise in business, accounting, design, education, a variety of trades, and in the performing arts genres of music, theatre and dance - not to mention a wide variety of personal interests as well.

Members exploring the possibility of nomination to the Board will look at this list and see both similarities and differences with their own skill sets.  The common threads are in interest in the performing arts, our unique and historic facility and a desire to participate in leading a creative and grass-roots nonprofit organization.

For more information please see:

Policy GOV 001 Nomination and Election of Board Members

Policy GOV 002 Responsibility of Directors

Annual General Meeting Monday, September 16, 2019 at 7 pm

To be eligible to stand for election or to vote, individuals must be paid members in good standing (membership fee 5.00) by July 18, 2019.

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