Wetaskiwin Theatre Society

The Manluk Theatre for the Performing Arts is a non-profit performing arts organization in the City of Wetaskiwin located on the traditional territories of Treaty Six and the homeland of First Nations and the Metis -witaskiwinihk- the hills where peace was made – where we respect the histories, languages, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, Inuit and all First Peoples of Canada whose presence continues to enrich our community.

Board of Directors 

President - George Chrunik

George’s creativity is expressed both through his current work as an architectural designer and his background as a professional dancer with the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers.  His experience as an entrepreneur and his involvement with a major arts organization brings a new level of expertise to the Board.  

Past President - Catlin Hawley

Catlin has a background in retail sales and is currently employed with the Wetaskiwin Co-op.  He is actively involved with the local music scene both as a musician and a sound technician.  As a Past President and during his four years on the Board he supports the Manluk Theatre’s sound and light Technical Team and plays a lead role in organizing and hosting Open Mic nights.  

Vice President - Ken Mastel 

Ken is a retired educator who has been involved in the community theatre scene in Wetaskiwin for many years. Ken was the founder of Siding 16 Theatre which was the predecessor of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society.  He has previously sat on the WTS board and he is involved with the Waterworks Players as an actor, musician, director and playwright.  

Secretary - Paula Bray   

Paula works as a public health nurse with Alberta Health Services.  Paula loves to sing!  She also expresses her creativity through her skills as a set painter and more recently as a director with the Waterworks Players.  She has previously been a board member with both the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society and the Waterworks Players.

Treasurer - Nancy Schlag 

Nancy was born and raised, and has always lived, in Alberta. She started working at the Jubilee Auditorium as a volunteer in the early 70's and that is when her passion for the arts started.  She enjoys all forms of the arts - opera, ballet, musicals, concerts and live theatre.  She has been in banking since 1975 and is currently the branch manager at BMO and loves living in Wetaskiwin.  Nancy is in her second year as a Board Member and is very active on several committees.

Director - Jonathan Sims

A jazz drummer, Jonathan has an active interest in the arts including music and theatre.  Jonathan is also a lawyer with Fielding and Co. and his legal background brings a new skill set to the Board.

Director - Gary Falenda

Gary works for the City of Wetaskiwin and is a local folk hero fondly referred to as "Gary the Garbage Man".  He has volunteered alongside the Facility Manager for the past two years using his many handyman skills to help improve the Manluk Theatre facility.

Director - Jessica Buffalo

Jessica has a background in finance and is currently employed with Maude Financial Inc.  Jessica has a passion for theatre and is fascinated with the history of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society.  She is very excited to be a part of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society and to see it continue to thrive and grow. Jessica is not only on the Board but she has been an active volunteer at shows as well as sitting on various committees.


Executive Director  – Margreet Jansen van Doorn

Margreet has been in management positions for most of her working career and enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities.  She has been involved with theatre both as a supporter and a participant and is very excited to be part of the creative theatre community and to continue the growth process begun by the multitude of volunteers who have all been instrumental in the current ongoing success of the Society.

Bookkeeper  – Laura Girvan

Laura is retired from her career as an Administrative Assistant with Alberta Health Services.  She is a founding member of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society and a former Board member.  Her involvement over the past 17 years has included participating in several Waterworks Players productions primarily as a stage manager.  Over the past several years she has filled the position of Office Manager in a volunteer capacity.  Laura continues to volunteer for the society filling the position of Bookkeeper.

Accountant  – Scot Lorenson

Scot is a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton.  His professional background brings solid financial guidance to the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society.  Scot expresses his creative side as an actor, singer, musician and director who has appeared in several Waterworks Players productions. 

Facility Manager  – Harold Schoonmaker

Harold is an accomplished bass guitar player and has been a member of the orchestra for several of the Waterworks Players most recent musical productions.  Also a skilled carpenter, he is sought after as a set builder.  As a retired RCMP member, Harold enjoys the opportunity to use his creative talents in community theatre and has an interest in the care and upkeep of the building.  Harold volunteers for the society filling the position of Facility Manager.

Technical team 

Light Technician - Bonnie Jones

Bonnie is a founding member of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society.  She participated in the training workshop when the light system was installed in the facility.

Sound Technician - Trevor Payne

Trevor is an accomplished musician and is a Sound Engineer.  Trevor's skills as a professional sound technician are a major asset to our facility.

Sound and Lights - Catlin Hawley 

Catlin is a musician and currently sits on the Board as a Past President.  He supports the team with his knowledge and expertise and is the team's liaison with the Board.  

Consider contributing as a Director of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society

LinkWhen we think of the past 17 years of history of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, our attention is often drawn to the performers we see on the stage.  However, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the commitment and contribution of our member-elected Board of Directors.

The Wetaskiwin Theatre Society's Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the organization and the operation of its facility to ensure long term success and sustainability.

Boards are enriched when members with a variety of backgrounds come together to sit as Board members.  Current board members have expertise in business, accounting, design, education, a variety of trades, and in the performing arts genres of music, theatre and dance - not to mention a wide variety of personal interests as well.

Members exploring the possibility of nomination to the Board will look at this list and see both similarities and differences with their own skill sets.  The common threads are in interest in the performing arts, our unique and historic facility and a desire to participate in leading a creative and grass-roots nonprofit organization.

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