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The Manluk Theatre is a performing arts venue located in an historic building located in downtown Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  It is a unique facility featuring a 153 performing arts space.

Our performing arts venue can stage theatrical productions, concerts, festivals, conventions, dance, corporate functions, receptions, lectures, memorial services or weddings.

The Manluk Theatre can also provide on-line ticketing services, sound and light technicians, Front of House and bar services, and ushers for your event.

Lobby Area

Standing room or with tables and chairs, bar and box office

Fully accessible entry to the theatre on the main floor

Kimto Stage

153 cushioned seats (seats in the front row can be reassigned to accommodate up to 12 wheelchair accessible spaces)

Slightly raised stage with a 42’ by 25’ performance space

4’ backstage area

8’ left and right wing space

Fully retractable curtain across the back of the stage

Fully retractable curtain across the front of the stage

Open tech booth with light board and audio board

PAR lights, LED wash lights, 1 follow spotlight

2 fog machines

Microphones, mic stands, hanging mics

Wireless internet access

Comfortable ‘green room’ with access to backstage and wings

Large co-ed dressing room with fully lit make-up counter; 2 washrooms

Rehearsal Hall/Lounge

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Rental Spaces include:

The Kimto Stage (seating capacity 153) includes usage of the lobby, dressing room, sound & lights

The Front Room (seating capacity for 50 with tables and chairs or 80 standing room) suitable for meetings or small gatherings

Contact us to discuss your rental requirements, please call the office at 780-352-8383 for information or send us a message by clicking here

The Manluk theatre can also provide on-line ticketing services, sound and light technicians, Front of House and bar services and ushers for your event.